Daddy and his little dinosaur =)

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that the dinosaur costume is seen quite frequently. They LOVE it! Anways...about these pictures! Steven had just come home when he realized that he needed to run down to the fellowship hall and get something. Caleb wanted to go and Steven just started grinning and trying not to laugh. Caleb had on his dinosaur costume and of course, his cowboy boots. I had to take some pictures, it was just too funny.

This picture is so great...Caleb is just cheesing it up. I love my boys! =)
To me, this one is just adorable. They were talking to each other and I love how Caleb is looking intently at daddy's face.

Steven had a cup of water with him and he stopped to give his lil' buddy a drink.

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