The Adventures of Bubble Wrap Boy

A few weeks ago my hubby brought up some bubble wrap from the church. A box had come and there was a piece of large bubble/bubble wrap about 7 feet long. Little children + bubble wrap = LOTS of fun!! Caleb was having a blast on this particular day and as the pictures go on I'll describe what was going on. =)

I love the surprised expression on his face after he ran and slid across the kitchen floor on it!

He wrapped himself up in it and told me that he was wearing a "bubble dress."

As you can probably guess from this picture that he and the bubble wrap were having a great time soaring to imaginary destinations!!

After a while of playing different things with the bubble wrap, he kept wrapping it around himself. So I asked him if he wanted me to wrap him up in it. I must admit it was a little sinister to wrap him up seeing as I only understood the implications of this. The thought of him not being able to get into anything was pure bliss. (I hope you know I'm kidding...well, partially!!) Caleb did have fun while wrapped up in the bubble wrap and I video taped him making laps around the house. It was pretty comical seeing him running around like that!

Here he is posing for the camera. At this point he is beginning to realize that while he is "Bubble Wrap Boy" as I called him, he cannot touch anything. I think he is quickly realizing that this is totally uncool for a toddler boy.

Well, this is when the realization sinks in that he does not want to be Bubble Wrap Boy anymore. Let the whining begin!!

After he begged and pleaded for me to unwrap him he ran and flopped on the floor being half silly, half mad. I agree that we should never torture our children and provoke them to wrath but this was so hilarious!! He landed on his belly and then realized that he could not get up. He was arching his back, trying to roll over, etc. He looked like a beetle who had gotten stuck on his back!! I cracked up...oh my, I'm laughing again just thinking about it!!

So anyways, the adventures of Bubble Wrap Boy will have to continue another day, that is, if he'll ever touch it again!! Oh, and by the way, he told me that he looked like an angel all wrapped up like that. HA!! =)

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