They are CRAZY!

I just love my kids. They keep me praying, make me humble (among many things!), but boy, can they make me laugh!! They are silly most of the time. But sometimes they just get crazy. And it's bad enough when one is crazy, but they feed off of each others zaniness!!

A few weeks ago, we were out shopping for some things for the youth group and had gone to the dollar store to look for some funny prizes. Well, there were these huge, foam swords there. So what do my children and husband start doing?? Fencing in the aisle! Usually I would be mortified because of not wanting to draw attention to ourselves, but it was funny. So, I didn't say anything. After about 2 minutes of fencing I finally decided that I ought to intervene and make them put them down so we could resume our shopping. They all kindly did as I said ( I was feeling very Mary Poppins-ish at the moment..if that is even a word). But as we finished looking around, my hubby had the brilliant idea that we ought to buy some swords. We did and I thought he was a bit crazy. But since then, I have changed my mind. Those two swords are so much fun and have finally made Caleb a boy and brought him out of his wanting to be a princess or fairy godmother stage. (Hallelujah!!!) We have fought snakes, rats, skunks, pirates and chased imaginary sea monsters. And I have even been cut in half by my own children. Thankfully, they were feeling kind and said that if I was really cut in half that they would each carry a half of me where I needed to go. Isn't that thoughtful?!! =)

How do you like the cowboy hat, cowboy boots, fleece sweatsuit outfit and sword? Quite a winning combination, ey? On that note, it will be a while before I allow Caleb to pick out what he is going to wear!

Lil' cowboy/pirate dude. =)

Okay, so the story of my children's craziness continues. Lydia received some adorable shoes for Christmas. One pair is red, shiny ballet flats. The other pair are glittery red slippers like Dorothy has. Caleb and Lydia came out of her room the other day and this is what they were wearing. I cracked up!!

Don't you love the yellow scarf headband (you know, the kind that's a headband and ties under the head?) that Caleb is wearing around his waist. HA! And Lydia's purple dress up dress with red shoes. What a fashion statement. =)
Notice Caleb's wonderful choice in shoes. And what's even funnier is that they are on the wrong feet!! I love it!

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