More Phoebe pictures

I had to post some more pictures of my puppy so you all could get a better look at her. In this picture you can see her eyes really good. Isn't she pretty?!

Here's Phoebe checking Caleb out. It's been interesting because she thinks she can dominate him. She wants to jump on him, nip at him, etc. He's getting good about telling her to get down and not to bite. A lot of times Phoebe just thinks he's playing because he'll starting squealing and running. It's getting better though as they are getting used to each other. Today was a much better day!! =)
Resting. =)

Resting again.....this time she got my orange hoodie off of the couch and was all cuddled up on it. She's pretty funny, she always wants something of ours to snuggle up with.

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