I can't believe it!!

I did it. I can't believe that I caved. I gave in and said we could have a dog. Am I crazy???? Well, after two days with a puppy I am feeling a little crazy! =) For starters, I always said that I would never, ever have an animal in the house unless it was a fish. Then about two years ago I said that we could have a dog, but a very small dog, as in toy poodle or toy yorkie. I was definitely not into animals. But, it is amazing how your children will influence you! So, yes, we have a dog that is in our house ( I am getting over the disgusting side of it) and it is not a small dog like I wanted. No, that is the biggest thing I caved about. We now have a AKC registered pure bred lab. And her name is Phoebe. =) She really is a beautiful dog, I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. Out of the six dogs in the litter, she picked us out. It was really cute. But she is a yellow lab, but very light in coloring, almost white in most places. She also has light blue/green eyes and a pink snout. If ever a dog could look ladylike, she most definitely does. She's a big 8 week old, (she's around 15 pounds I think) but is very sweet and friendly. She is well behaved and learns quickly. This has all been a very new experience for me and I am learning a lot! I have never had a dog before....thankfully Steven did so atleast one of us knows what they are doing. =) I have some more pics of her that I took today that I'll be adding soon. But here she is!

This was right after we brought her home. She got busy checking out the place!

Lydia and Phoebe.

Caleb and Phoebe...he kept saying, "Awww...you're so cute Phoebe!!"

Me and my Phoebe. =)

She is one sleepy girl!! And once she is asleep, it's hard to wake her up!

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  1. Laine,
    She is so cute!! Aww...very pretty too. How fun...a puppy...I remember thosse days.=)Atleast your not preggo...=) I was with Rigo...every time I had to clean up after him, I felt like I was going to have clean up after me too...=)!Awww...I am kinda jealous puppies are so cute...I love to hold them, and hug them! Love ya...


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