Christmas morning

I finally have gotten around to the Christmas pictures! Sorry it has taken so long! =)

Lydia and Caleb woke up around 8:00am and they were SO excited about presents, as just about any kid is. They were totally spoiled, that's for sure!

This is Lydia and her "Sally" car. Caleb got 7 new cars, all characters from the "Cars" movie and Lydia got one so she could play cars with him. =)

This was Lydia's "big" present from us...it's a Kid-Tough Digital Camera. It's really cool! This is the back of the box so you can't really see it, but it's adorable. It takes good pictures for a kid camera. She loves it and has become quite a little shutterbug.

If you didn't already know, Caleb LOVES trains. Actually, he loves anything that goes, but he really, really loves trains. =) He got a GeoTrax train set last Christmas. The cool thing about GeoTrax is that you can build onto it. We put both of the train sets together and it took up quite a large portion of the living room floor!!

Lydia got a soft and cozy princess blanket from Grandma Dee-Dee and Pappy Jim.

Caleb got a Mater pillow from Grandma Dee-Dee and Pappy Jim. He started trying to push it across the floor as soon as he opened it. He was quite puzzled about the fact that it was not rolling! He also likes to ride Mater and it's quite funny. =)

Steven got a Nautica Voyage cologne gift set and Caleb thought it was really cool. Caleb wanted some on so he "could be a big man too." It was cute. =)

Around 11:30 Steven's parents and Grandma came over and we had Christmas Brunch. It was yummy! And then we had Christmas again! We all were given some really nice gifts. I wish I had the pictures but we were video taping instead. Then later when I did take pictures, I had accidentally picked up my mother-in-laws camera instead of mine. (They look the same.) We all had fun playing with Lydia and Caleb and their new toys. Steven and his Dad challenged each other in a game of "Whac-a-Mole." It was pretty funny!
Later in the day we had our birthday party for Jesus and Birthday Cake. It may sound like a silly tradition to have, but we want our kids to know that He is the reason we have Christmas and that it's not just about presents.

It really was such a wonderful day. We definitely had a very, merry Christmas!

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