All Dressed Up!

These were taken the Sunday before Christmas. I was so excited that we'd all match with red and black..well, except for Caleb, his pants were blue. But oh well. Thanks Mom for the outfits for Lydia and Caleb, they are beautiful. =)

This picture, which we only had about 2 minutes time in which to take it in before Steven had to leave, turned out really good. He only took two and this was the first one. I was so relieved that it was good since we were in such a hurry!

My sweet lil' man hamming it up for the camera. =)

They have such cute little profiles!
I hope they will still love each other this much when they are teenagers!

Caleb did not want to stand still, but we finally got a good one of them both.

Awww...soooo sweet. =)

I think this one is so funny because she is cheesing it up and he's just like, "huh?"

Cutest kids in the world!

Daddy and his little Princess. =)
Silly Daddy!

Me and my favorite girl!

We didn't tell her to pose like that...she just did it. What a cutie pie!

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