We had such a fun time at my mom's house for Thanksgiving. I haven't seen my family since Christmas of last year, so it was long overdue! All of my little brothers have grown a bunch....they sure are getting tall.

On Saturday while we were driving up Lydia said that she was going to pray for snow. Well, what do you know? We woke up Sunday morning and it was snowing! And it snowed hard all day long. She thought it was so cool that we got to go to church in the snow. =) I was so happy for her to see another example of God answering her prayers, even one for snow.

The rest of the week was pretty relaxing and my mom and I actually had the whole Thanksgiving dinner (besides the turkey) ready the day before. We were pretty impressed with ourselves. =) We had the usual Thanksgiving feast that consisted of turkey, gravy, stuffing, my mashed potatoes, sweet potatoe casserole, green bean casserole, homemade whole cranberry sauce, apple and snickers salad, and 4 pumpkin pies, 2 apple pies and 1 cherry pie. It was SO good. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. =) We all actually ate Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday because my mom had to work Thankgiving night. So on Thursday we just "grazed" on leftovers and some other stuff.

I got to try something new while we were up there. My mom got some Jone's Pure Cane Cream Soda. I'm not usually a cream soda fan, or really a soda fan at all, but wow, that stuff is good!! It's especially good in a cup filled with ice and with a straw. YUMMY!!!!

Our family really got spoiled on this Thanksgiving trip and our van was much fuller when we left. James (Sarah's husband) gave Steven a guitar to learn on, my brothers gave us a Nintendo gamecube and 2 games (thanks guys!!), my mom bought me a yankee candle, my step dad gave us a sound system and speakers, and Lydia and Caleb were given some gifts and the new Charlotte's Web movie. Thanks to each of you, we really appreciate everything!

The ride home went very smoothly and we made it home in 10 hours. Lydia and Caleb were SO good traveling. Since we've been home things have been a little crazy, especially with all that has happened with Lydia. (To read more about that, click on the link to the right that says "Lydia's web page")

I wish I had taken more pictures while we were up there, but I always forget! Oh well...here are some of the ones that I took. =)

Lydia and Caleb with Pappy Jim and their doggy Leo.

Caleb, Pappy Jim and Lydia.

This was before the Berwick marathon on Thanksgiving morning.

Christian wouldn't smile at me. He had to be cool, of course. =)

Caleb had a blast riding on Trent!

Caleb kept saying, "Come on Horsey...come on horsey."

Aren't they cute?

We got some playdough for Lydia and Caleb to play with and it was a hit with everybody. I was cracking up because my brothers, my uncle, my cousins....just about everyone who came over was playing with the playdough. This was Lincoln's castle that he built and he wanted me to take a picture of it. Not bad, huh?

Her shirt says, "An Original Authentic Cutie." I would have to agree. =)

Caleb LOVES playdough. It's about the only thing he will sit still for.

Here's my little brother Lincoln, who's not so little anymore.

Tired girl!

More playdough!

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  1. Hey...do you have a picture of Quinn? Man, your brothers are growing up! Wow, Trent looks soo big!=) He is a cutie...he reminds me of Quinn. So, it looks like you had alot of fun! Talk to ya soon...


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