Going to McAdenville

McAdenville, NC is known as "Christmas Town USA" because every house decorates for Christmas and the town also decorates. It is very beautiful! During the month of December, every night as you pass exit 23 on I-85, you will see a line of cars stretching sometimes for miles. They are all waiting to see the "Cadenbill" as our kids call it. =) I just love going to McAdenville to see the lights. It is actually a town ordinance that if you want to live in McAdenville, you must decorate for Christmas. How cool is that? So, one very cold night a few weeks ago, our family decided to bundle up and brave McAdenville. We didn't drive through it, we walked! We parked at a gas station, loaded the kiddos in the wagon and off we went! We walked through the town and then back again to the van. It was great! I'm so glad that we made such a fun memory! It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and so we called Eric and Amy (affectionately called Uncle Eric and Auntie Mimi by our kids) and they came too. Eric took tons of pictures of all of us and of the houses, so I picked out my favorites. There were just way to many to post! Anyways, enjoy!

Don't you just love the lighted topiary trees by the front door?? They are gorgeous!

This house was my absolute favorite. It is massive and oh so pretty decorated for Christmas. Anyone wanna buy it for me?? =)

Awww...here's my sweet family. We had fun freezing together!

Here's us and Amy. We were being reindeer. =) Thanks mom for the bright yellow gloves....they always make me laugh.

Here's Daddy and Eric with the kiddos.

They are so cute! Caleb wasn't too happy in this picture though. He had convinced himself that there was going to be fireworks in McAdenville. He hates fireworks! We kept trying to tell him that that was only on the 4th of July. He finally stopped crying though after he realized that it was all just pretty lights!

Me and Amy...she's my very wonderful friend who helps me with anything! Even goes day after Christmas shopping at 6:00am!

Amy and Eric...poor guy, he was freezing!

Silly children!

This house was so pretty! They really went all out. The Christmas tree on the top porch had lights that were flashing to music.

This part of the river that runs through McAdenville. There's a fountain in the middle and the water changes from red, to green, to white.

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  1. I love the pictures! You look like you had fun! Oh, and by the way...no I want to buy the house for me!=) It's beautiful! Happy New Year!! Love ya!


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