Decorating for Christmas

I just love it when our home is all decorated for Christmas! This year, because of living in the parsonage, I had a lot of different places to decorate. Pappy Jim has also given Lydia and Caleb each their own Lionel train. He also gave us houses to make a village scene. It's really cool. Lydia and Caleb love having the train around the Christmas tree. You can't see it in the picture though. Sarah, now you can see a little of what my house looks like. =)

I love our tree. =)

We have these really cool pillar thingys when you look at the entry way of our living room. So I decorated up there too. The pillar blocks have garland and ribbon on them.

We have 9 foot ceilings all througout the house. This wall is about 7 1/2 ft. tall and the ledge is so pretty. It separates the kitchen from the living room. What better place to put garland entwined with ribbon and lights?

The ledge keeps going through the living room. This small wall is my favorite wall in the whole house. The pictures are what make it my favorite!

Here it continues to the dining room. The white board has Lydia's letter and number of the week on it. She loves school!

So pretty. =)

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  1. Your house is beautiful! Wow, it looks really pretty...Is it one of those modular homes?? Some of our friends were looking in to doing a modular home. I wish we would have done one...they are cheaper and look really pretty!! The land is the expensive part. I love our little abode though...=)You decorate really pretty too! You go girl!=) Talk to you later...


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