Visiting Sarah and her family

On our way up to my mom's house, we were able to stop and see Sarah and James and their children, Megan and Tyler. We got there early Friday afternoon so we had pretty much the whole day to spend with them. Sarah and I were best friends since 1st grade and were "connected at the hip" (as people would say) all growing up. We have a lot of great memories together!

We had a great time with them and it was really fun to see our kids meet and play together. Megan and Tyler are adorable. Megan looks just like Sarah...and acts like her too! =) Tyler is as sweet as can be and is such a good baby.

Sarah's house is beautiful and I loved her living room. Megan's room is done with a Curious George theme and it's really adorable. Her house smelled sooo good too. (She's a yankee candle fanatic!)

Steven and James watched the kiddos for a little bit and Sarah and I ventured out to Target in Friday night, Waldorf traffic. Yikes!! Sarah was a good navigator though and all was good. =) When we had our usual Bible story time before bedtime while Caleb has his breathing treatment, Megan sang a whole bunch of songs for us, including the hand motions. It was so cute! She did a really good job!

After all the babies went to bed, we stayed up and played UNO attack. That is a super fun game! Pretty addictive too. We were up so late!

On Saturday morning before we left, James cooked us the most awesome breakfast. He made sausage, bacon, hashbrowns and omelets. Yummy!! We were so stuffed when we left.

They are such great friends and we hope it's not another three years until we see them again! We love you guys! =)

Here's Lydia and Megan at the table.

Here's sweet little Tyler. Isn't he adorable? He was so quiet, you barely know he's around!


Two Hot Mommas =)

Megan, Lydia and Caleb veggin' out.

I know Ty is crying in this picture, but his eyes looked so beautiful. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes I think I've ever seen!

Don't you just love the glasses?

Steven and James cooking breakfast.

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