More pictures

Here are some pictures from Halloween. We don't go trick or treating or anything, but our Wednesday night children's program had a Fall Festival for the kids and they had a great time. Lydia got some candy and then her daddy gave her a whole bunch more. =) She get's to have a piece after she does her school work and does her little jobs around the house. She loves chocolate....I think she takes after her mother and grandmother! =)
I still like to be festive and we all dressed in orange Wednesday night. I even made a pumpkin cake for our family. It was a lot of fun. =)

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  1. Laine,
    That is a really good family picture. Boy, you look skinny-minny!=) What's the secret...my secret...don't eat!!!=) J/k, I have to eat for Ty. Love you. Thanks for the funny potty stories. =) Oh, Tyler almost has the same pj's as Caleb. That is too funny.



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