Here are some pictures of Lydia and Caleb playing dress up. The dinasour costume is actually one that Steven's mom made for him when he was a little boy. Isn't it neat?? She is quite talented, huh? These pics were taken before we went to PA for Thanksgiving.

Lydia was the dinasour first and Caleb told me that he was the fairy godmother. HA!

Lydia will love me for this picture when she gets older. =)

Silly boy!!

I was so glad when Caleb finally let me convince him to be the dinasour and not the fairy godmother anymore!

Isn't he cute!? He kept roaring at me and if I did it back at him he would say, "Stop mommy, you are scaring me." He's a mess.

Here's Princess Lydia the day she got her hair cut. She said she looked like Snow White again with her hair short. She loves to dress up and pretend that she is going to the ball. =)

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