Another Busy Week

Whew...I'm tired. =) This week has been a little crazy, but good. Monday was good, just catching our breath from a extremely busy Sunday. (It was homecoming.) On Tuesday morning I had an appointment in Charlotte which never happened, but that is a whole different story! That afternoon I went and got my hair cut. Then, that evening we had a ladies meeting. I felt like I hadn't seen my children all day! I really dislike days like that! Early Wednesday morning at about 3:00am, Lydia woke up crying. Steven went to go check on her and she said that her head hurt. He gave her some tylenol and stayed with her until she fell back asleep. Around 3:30 she woke up again and started throwing up. I took over at about 4:00 am and she threw up every 15-20 minutes until 6:45am. I felt so awful for her. =( She was such a good sport about it though, she really takes things in stride! By Wednesday night she was able to keep a little bit of supper down and by Thursday morning she seemed all better. Either it was a virus or Salmonella, I don't really know.

Have any of you every gotten your hair cut and loved it at first but then that love waned very, very quickly and turned to hate?! Yeah, well, that's what happened to me. My hair was cut Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday afternoon I absolutely hated it. It wasn't my hairdresser's fault, it was a good haircut, but it just wasn't doing what I thought it should! My hair was getting a little long as you can see from pictures, but it's so thick and can be hard to manage. So, I asked to keep the length and for more layers to take the bulk out. That's what I got and it just was not what I thought I wanted! So, I had to suck up my stinking pride and call my hairdresser, who is also my friend. I was so afraid of hurting her feelings, but I knew I had to be honest. She was so cool with it and let me come in on Thursday and let me tell her what I didn't like and she fixed it for me. (She's awesome and sweet like that, and I hope she knows it!) We ended up cutting it short and it looks pretty cute. =) I'm glad my hair drama is now over!

On Friday Steven and I got to go on a date!! Yay! Doesn't happen as often as we would like, so we were so excited! Back in the summer we were given a gift certificate to an upscale steak restaurant named Mickey and Mooch. It was sooooo good!! I wish I could have taken a picture of the cake that we got for dessert. It was called "seven-layer chocolate mousse cake." It was massive. It was almost a foot tall! And it was several inches wide. Boy was it good! And no, we did not finish it in one sitting. =) It took us 3 days!

On Saturday we had the T.A.C. (Teens in action for Christ) Conference at Ambassador. (Lydia and Caleb stayed with Steven's parents.) The Conference was really good! The preacher was Bryon Samms. We had never heard him before and he was awesome. God really used him to speak to many of the teens hearts. One of our teens made a profession of faith after one of the services. Praise the Lord! There was also a ton of fun games and skits for the teens. It was also nice for Steven and I to see lots of friends that we were in college with and to catch up on things.
Well...I am more than excited because on Friday we are going up to Pennsylvania to my mom's house for Thanksgiving. On the way up we are going to be stopping in Maryland to see Sarah and James and their adorable kiddos, Megan and Tyler. I can't wait! We haven't seen them in almost three years. So yeah, I'm eagerly anticipating the end of this week!!

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