Apple Picking pics

Yay!!! I finally have pictures on my blog!!! These are the pictures from when we went apple picking. Here is the pictures of Caleb "picking the apples waaaaay, waaaay up there!" as he says it. He thought that was just the greatest thing! And the best apples were at the top so Caleb did a great job picking them for us.

If you know anything about Caleb, he is obsessed with anything on wheels. The tractors at the apple orchard were just massive. I don't think I've ever seen tractors this big. Caleb wantd to drive the tractor SO bad! But since that obviously was not an option, he got to sit in the wheel. =) Isn't that great?? Filthy boy on a filthy wheel...life doesn't get any better than that.

Here are my sweet babies after they picked their little pumpkins. =) Caleb thought the scarecrows were scary at first, but he was actually okay with sitting on the lap of this one.

This is one of Steven's favorite pictures ever of all of us. =)


  1. Laine,

    Your kids are so cute! Wow, Caleb really does look great! Lydia's new outfit is really cute...you gotta love pink and brown together. Oh, you look great too...real skinny!=) After all these years of marriage and you are still skinny!!! You go girl! Love that you got the pics up!!! Love ya...hope to see you next month!!!=) Won't that be fun???We will be able to post pics of our kiddos together...if Megan will allow us to take pics of her!!!=) Talk to you later.



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