Mr. Cool

Here is our Mr. Cool...stylin' and profilin'. =0) Caleb is so funny, he will not stand still for a picture unless I flip out the viewing screen and turn it around so he can see himself. Then he is all about hamming it up for the camera. The other day when he was looking at himself while I took his picture he said, "I'm so cute, Mommy!" Like we didn't know that? =)

We started potty training Caleb this week and it is going really well! He is very excited about wearing "big boy undies". He picked out Cars (like the movie) and Thomas the Train underwear. We got the smallest size they make and they swamp him. They sag way past his little heiney! It's pretty funny. Caleb now has a new obsession with Lightening McQueen from the Cars movie. He has a race track with Mr. King and Lightening but he has never known who the cars are. Well, Lydia and Caleb's little friends were over and one of the boys had a Lightening McQueen car. They were all playing with it and then the boys told Lydia and Caleb that Lightening McQueen and Mr. King were on the movie Cars. They asked us if they could watch it so we borrowed it from some friends. They just loved it. Caleb REALLY liked watching the cars race. He thinks it's pretty cool when the cars crash too. Typical guy, huh? =)

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  1. Caleb is so adorable...he looks like Quinn alittle bit. Meg thinks he is handsome too.=)

    Oh, I am trying to potty train Meg, she doesn't quite get it though. She is only 19 mos...She loves to sit on the special potty seat...but the actual going part she totally is clueless. =)

    Love ya, thanks for the update...



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