Just had to

"Just had to what?", you may ask. Well, I just had to write. I love writing...it is my outlet I guess you could say. I love details and I have kept a journal since I was 9 years old. I also wanted to keep all of our family stuff off of Lydia's caringbridge site. So I created this!

More than just my desire and natural inclination to write, I believe God wants me to write. I have been battling with this "blogging" thing for a little while before I asked Steven about it. He said, "sure", so here I am.

Because of all that our kids have been through and being in the ministry, we definitely experience the whole "life in a fish bowl" thing. But I have realized something...because I am being watched, I have the power of influence. I guess this blog is just another part of the fishbowl. Making my life transparent so everyone can see, in hopes that I will be a vessel through which God can impact their world.

Of course I will post the never-ending comedy of being in the Chambers household (and there is a lot of that!), but I want to also post the hard things. The things I don't want to say in person and that I just find it easier to write. I struggle...a lot. Many of you may think I have it all together. Well, I don't. I wish I could just suddenly be changed into His image...but it's day by day. Have you ever realized all the things that are day by day?

One of the things we are asked on a regular basis is, "How is Lydia going to do in the long run? Will she have to have any more surgeries?" I give my usual, "Well, we don't know". In reality, it's day by day. I was asked a few days ago if I let Lydia's problems constantly worry me and distract me from having fun. I told the other mom that I had to focus on today. I have to enjoy today and live each day to it's fullest. That's all I have. We are not promised tomorrow.

That's what I long for...to live each day how my Saviour has intended me to live it. I want to be consistently living in obedience and in faith. So, for that reason, I have named this blog, "Day by Day."

~Laine Chambers~

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