Hopebuilders walk

Don't you like our shirts?! These are the Levine Cardiac Kids shirts that we made to wear to the Hopebuilders Walk last Saturday morning. The Hopebuilders walk is a community event every year to raise money for the Levine Children's Hospital at CMC. Our group went not only to support the hospital, but also as a way to get a little publicity. We have all been working hard to get the word out about our group, and this was another great way since it is a very big event in Charlotte. We just want to help other families like our own, but we can't help them if they don't know we exist.

The event was really fun and our kids had fun playing with "Sir Pur", the mascot for the Carolina Panthers. At first when he came around Caleb ran right up to him and Lydia started scolding him, "No Caleb. You can't play with him. You are allergic to cats." I cracked up! I had to explain that Caleb was only allergic to real cats. =)

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