Future American Idol Contestant...just kidding! =)

This is a picture of Lydia right before going to church last Sunday night. I wanted to get a picture of her because she was going to sing a solo in her children's choir that night. She sang the third verse of the song. It was so precious. We practiced and practiced that thing and she was so proud of herself after she did it. She sounded so sweet up there. =) I didn't get to be there because Caleb was sick (notice him not in church clothes) but we did get to video tape it.
Lydia loves children's choir so much. They practice every Sunday evening during adult choir for about 50 minutes. All their practice definitely shows because they always do such a good job. Their choir also plays the handbells. They have come up with a system for children to do it where the handbells are color coordinated and each color is a different note. Instead of them having to read notes and knowing which note their bell is tuned to, they hold up flashcards with the colors of bells and if your color comes up, that's how you know when to play your bell. It is really neat. Lydia enjoys it so much, so I thought I would share. =)

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  1. Aw, she is so cute. That sounds really neat. I taught Meg to say, He's handsome...when she looks at Calebs pic.

    I can't wait to see you. That will be so much fun!! Yeah!!!

    Love you.


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